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Our History

When the Gardens first welcomed residents to our campus in 1961, it was the culmination of the pioneering vision and hard work of a dedicated group of local community and church leaders, supported by a legion of well-wishers and benefactors. Their commitment to create a community for individuals “who have reached years of retirement but not of inactivity” that would remain relevant and financially viable for future generations of residents, remains at the core of the Gardens. For nearly 60 years, the Gardens has responded to the continuously evolving needs and preferences of its residents, and it has demonstrated enduring financial strength and prudence.Our history has been marked by many achievements, including our advocacy for progressive concepts in senior living. But most important,we measure it by the generations of residents who have defined the Gardens’ distinct character and spirit through the decades.


It has been especially gratifying to watch as life at the Gardens has become a tradition for many families – a rich legacy shared by generations of family members who value the community’s exceptional quality of life and quality of care.