Board and Leadership

Mt. San Antonio Gardens is owned and operated by Congregational Homes, Inc., a non-profit public benefit corporation. The Gardens takes exceptional pride in the prudent management of its financial resources, maintaining substantial reserves and adhering to the highest financial standards. Our management practices are transparent, and six residents participate as voting members on the Board of Directors and two on the Finance Committee to help ensure the ongoing stability of the Gardens. We are also grateful to have a diverse and talented group of non-residents from our local community on our board, helping to set the future course for the Gardens.


2018 Board of Directors

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  • Arlene Andrew
  • Sheri Nagel
  • Robin Aspinall
  • John Nelson
  • Brenda Barham-Hill
  • Tom Rimer
  • Cinda Claprood
  • Tomás Summers Sandoval
  • Ron Coleman
  • Dennis Smith
  • Timothy Dauwalder, D.O.
  • Otto Solorzano
  • Mike Davis
  • Jim Spera
  • Joan Anderson Dym, Secretary
  • Royce Stutzman
  • Neil Gerard
  • Louise Taylor, Chair of the Board
  • Jane Goodfellow
  • Jim Tranquada
  • Jim Lehman, Vice Chair
  • Joe Unis, M.D.
  • John Maguire
  • Kimberley Valentine
  • Carlene Miller
  • Bill Wells
  • Curt Morris
  • Norma Wilson


  • Maureen W. Beith
    President & Chief Executive Officer
  • Patricia Williams
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Lisa Atilano
    Vice President of Health Care Services
  • Mary Jean Neault
    Vice President of Marketing &
    Community Outreach